Mission of the Organization:

The mission of the Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Inc.is to promote and protect civil rights, particularly the rights of poor, minority, and disadvantaged people in order to facilitate their participation in the social, economic, and political systems of our nation. We pursue impact litigation that combats discrimination on a macro level, leverage volunteers to respond to individual cases of discrimination, and provide training to the private Bar to assist them in practicing law for the public good. The Chicago Lawyers’ Committee does far more than defend individuals’ civil rights. We defend the civil rights of groups of people whose rights are most likely to be threatened, while also teaching others to be allies to our cause.

How this organization is addressing the issues of race and poverty:

Our first Board believed, and our current Board and staff continue to affirm, that disenfranchised groups can become full and equal participants in our economic and political systems only when they achieve the power to deal on equal terms with public and private institutions. An essential element of that power is access to expert legal resources. Membership in the Chicago Lawyers' Committee allows law firms to focus their pro bono resources where they will accomplish the most good, and where they will have a lasting impact. As the Committee expands to meet the challenges of the unfinished civil rights agenda, we reach out to our friends in the legal, corporate, non-profit and foundation communities, encouraging even greater participation and support.

The Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law