Illinois County Clerk Calls for Voting Rights’ Protections

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By Marissa Liebling and Ruth Greenwood

Under David Orr's leadership, Cook County has supported and implemented many strong policies to increase voter accessibility and participation. This week, he expanded this push by encouraging election administrators and legislators across the country to make voting rights “more than a ‘dream.’”  His op-ed explains that we must both “make it easier for citizens to register, vote and run for office,” and stop the “virtual war on low-income, black and Hispanic voters.”

Orr provides a list of what would be included in an “ideal voting process:”

  • weekend or holiday voting;
  • election day registration;
  • accessible polling places in schools and public buildings;
  • one-stop online election information and resources, including online registration;
  • convenient options such as no-excuse early and mail voting;
  • a national voter look-up tool to provide polling place and ballot information;
  • government-initiated registration, often known as universal or automatic registration.

We heartily agree, and hope more election administrators in Illinois, and across the country, will follow Orr’s example.

The full op-ed is available here.